Frequent Flyer Points to help Flood Victims

Just received a great email from Virgin Blues Velocity frequent flier program. On their Velocity website you can use your frequent flier points to donate to the Queensland Flood victims. What a great idea! I just donated 3,000 points which translates to $25.

Kiva – purchasing cattle

I just contributed to another loan through the kiva website. This time to a group in Jinja, Uganda.

They will use the funds to purchase cattle to expand their business. Damn it though I forgot to put the loan as contributing to my team group! Next time…


My plan was to pick up an extra item or two, of pet food, each time I did my grocery shopping. And when I had enough make a trip to the RSPCA and donate it. Well I often don’t do things to plan. Instead of waiting, we made a trip to a ‘Pet Barn’ and picked up a large bag of dog food, a large bag of cat food, some kitten food, and a cat toy (a tunnel they can plan in).

Then plugged ‘Rouse Hill’ into the GPS and set off to to find the RSPCA. The RSPCA didn’t put an exact street address on their website so it made it hard to find where they actually were. But after driving around a few times we spotted the place. We took the donations inside and gave them to staff who said thanks. We were a bit disappointed that this location was more of a ‘store’ then a pet shelter. There were only a few animals that were for sale. We had hoped to see a lot more, and maybe have a play with them. Next time we’ll try another RSPCA on the southern side of Sydney which is apparently their main shelter (and not just a store).

2011 starts with a turtle rescue

At midnight last night ended 2010, year of Beefcake. It was a fairly quiet end to the year. Went to dinner to the local restaurant Michel’s with friends. We saw the new year in and then decided to call it a night and go home. I’m just thankful that there were no crowds to get through for this new years eve.

I’ve decided that 2011 is going to be the year of charity, or helping others. And its started off that way… well sort of.

A nice late afternoon stroll along the beach at Pallaranda was interrupted when a baby turtle was seen on the shore. The poor thing was upside down the not having a fun time.

It managed to get itself up the right way.

The tide was coming in and the waves were fairly rough. The incoming waves had pushed the turtle high up on the beach. It seemed a bit lost and was struggling to get back to the ocean. We watched it for about 20 minutes before I went back to my car to get my mobile. I searched the net for ‘Townsville wires’ and ended up find a mobile number for the North Queensland Wildlife Care Inc. I gave them a call and explained how we’d found the baby turtle. The woman said the turtle was most likely just exhausted fighting the waves. She said to take it to the waters edge and let it try to get back again. If that didn’t work after a few attempts to call her back. The first two times the waves washed the poor turtle up on the shore. We waited for a while. The tide came in and the waves were less rough. I took the turtle to the water and this time it managed to swim past the waves. We very quickly lost sight of it, so hope it didn’t wash back on shore again. We walked up and down the beach afterwards and could see no sign of it. I’m going to count that as my first good deed for the year.