Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

I went to the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie tonight. A co-worker telephoned last minute with an extra ticket so I said I’d go along. A few years ago I went to the movies and saw one of the Potter movies, I don’t remember which one. I do remember I didn’t like it all that much. Whether they have improved with time I don’t know but this one was much better. I could still follow the story without knowing the previous movies. Basic plot is Harry is entered into a very dangerous Wizardary competition. At the same time evil doers are running around doing bad things. I did enjoy the movie but it wouldn’t be one I rush out to see at the cinemas. Maybe wait for DVD. Oh and be warned… there is no closure.

After the movie I caught up with Kate and we went to the strand for a celebratory ice-cream since she just had her final exam for the university year. It was pretty windy but the desserts were enjoyed with minimal melting or spillage.

Movie Review – Prime

Tonight I went to the movie premiere of Prime. The story is that of Rafi (Uma Thurman) a 37 year old divorcee who is seeing therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep). Rafi starts dating a younger man who is just the age of 23. The advice from the therapist is go head, if you’re feeling good, enjoy it. That is until she finds out her client is dating her son. I had my doubts about this movie from the previews. I did worry that the best bits of the movie would be in the preview with nothing left. I was pleasantly surprised. This was a very enjoyable movie. A light hearted romantic comedy that makes you feel good when you leave the cinema.

After the movie I decided it was time for mudcake and milk. Hogs Breath were closed (at 9pm?) so wandered over to Cactus Jacks. The chocolate cake with ice-cream and cream was exactly what I was craving and washed down with a lovely glass of icy cold milk 🙂