Last year the local RSPCA animal refuge put out the word they were looking for donations of animal food. Mum and I bought some pet food and took it out there. Since then Mum has been buying a tin of pet food each week and has accumulated a medium box full. I picked up some dog food during the week so it was time for another trip. I had read the usual Christmas stories about how the animal refuge gets heaps of unwanted pets over the Christmas season. So when we went out I expected hundreds (well, dozens) of animals looking for homes. So I was a little dissappointed with the 3 cats and 6 dogs. The puppies were from big breeds and weren’t very cute, but still fun to play with 🙂

Before we went to the animal refuge I had to change over my car registration sticker. It actually expired about a week ago but I put the new sticker in my glovebox and didn’t get around to changing it, until now. Pretty silly as you can be fined for having an older sticker on your window. So now that a new month has rolled around it was pretty obvious that my sticker was out of date (each year is a different colour). So I got the old one off and put on the new one. If you didn’t know the secret is to thoroughly wet the old sticker before you remove it. It must weaken the glue and makes it come off much easier.

I had to go into work this afternoon for an hour or so. My boss was actually in the office. She is still on holidays until next Tuesday and I’ve already started my holidays. And yet we were both in the office. Sheesh.
Anyway I got what needed to be done pretty quickly and got out of there.

This afternoon I went over to Brett’s house (the local one he is renovating so he can sell it) to see how the work was going. Brett and Jo were busy painting. I helped Bretts Mum polish door knobs for a while. Very exciting stuff (not!).

House of visitors

Brian New Years Eve 04/05
Brian New Year 04/05

Damien came over tonight for a while. Then Brett and Jo arrived after a day working on their house renovations. It was good to have visitors as I was feeling a bit down. I put the radio on and we talked and ate chocolates and talked and ate pringles and talked. Probably around 11pm we decided it was getting late and Damien went home and Brett and Jo got ready for bed (they are staying at my place this weekend).