Chips Ahoy!

Along the side of my property, near my driveway, the neighbours tree hangs over my side by quite a lot. Its a tall tree, too tall for me to trim by myself from the ground. My plants and lawn underneath are a bit slow to grow given the extra shade. So I was very happy this morning when some tree trimming people, hired by the neighbour, turned up. They had a bit of work to do, including trimming the offending tree! Yea!

Not so hard to do the trimming when you have a cherry picker and a mulcher that chips six inch logs in a matter of seconds.

Cherry Picker

Plenty of sunshine now! Of course this will mean that I’ll have to mow more often. Doh! 😉

Sold to the highest bidder!

Damien and I went to an auction yesterday. It was called a ‘general’ auction but it was just about all used computer equipment. I’ve been looking to replace my old PC at home for some time now but didn’t want to spend the $1k+ that it would cost me for a new machine. So second hand seemed the way to go. I did a bit of research through the auction site before hand. We went an hour early and inspected the machines. Some of them were slightly different to the auction listing specifications. Made a note of the items we were interested in and waited for the fun to begin.

First off were four print servers that Damien was interested in. But when the auction started the guy changed it to a bulk lot for all four items and before we knew what was going on the bidding was finished. Bugger! After that we knew how the game worked and by end of the day Damien had gotten two PCs and I got a fairly new PC for the prices we wanted.

This morning at 8.30am I had four cubic metres of peanut shells delivered so I can re-cover my front garden. I wasn’t positive I’d gotten my math right and it seemed like a lot. But after two hours of shovelling and wheelbarrowing and removed the pile and had covered the entire garden perfectly. That will keep the weeds at bay for another two years until I’ll have to do it again.

While I was going the gardening I had a professional carpet cleaner in the house cleaning the bedroom carpets. There is a huge difference between home and professional vaccuum cleaners. The guy had been working for a while and I had a look at the carpets; they looked spotless. I made the comment ‘looks great, must be just about finished’. To while he informed me that he had only vaccuumed for far and hadn’t done the dry cleaning yet.

Damn, got to get me one of those vaccuum cleaners. Maybe I can find one at auction 😉

Garden Duties

Before it got too hot today I mowed the lawn. Then I went over to Mums and mowed her lawn too while she was at work. Pulled some weeds from my front garden and around my small hedge plants. I also ran a weeping hose along the edge of my fence where some plants aren’t getting enough water from the plants. Took some pictures of my roses and little green grasshoper hiding in the rose.
Took my tire that died in Cairns on the weekend to the local shop to be replaced. They didn’t have one on hand so I said I’d come back tomorrow to pick it up.

Gee, real exciting stuff to report today.


Jo & Brett
I had a quick trip to Cairns this weekend. Left about 10.00am yesterday morning. Pretty uneventful trip until just outside of Cairns. My car decided it would get a case of pretty serious shudders. Pulled over and checked for a flat tire. Everything seemed ok. Got hold of a local mechanic (3.30pm on Saturday, how lucky is that!) who put my car up on his hoist and we found that one of the tires had gone out of shape. Had a big bubble that was causing it not to drive smoothly. Put the spare tire on and problem solved. I’ll have to get another spare tomorrow when the stores open.

Brett and Jo picked me up and we went to a restaurant on the esplanade for dinner. Very nice. We went for a walk along the street and through the Pier shopping centre. Then we walked into the mall to listen very briefly to a string orchestra playing. There are plenty of art studios in Cairns and we went into one showcasing underwater photographer Matt Haling. Had a chat with Matt. Seems like a really nice guy and his work is just great. His website is I was so taken by one framed piece, Anemone, that I bought it on the spot (after some peer presure from Jo 🙂 ). This will be the first photograph to hang in my house that I haven’t taken. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be reproducing this picture since I don’t do underwater photography.

Anemone by Matt Haling

Then we went to Casa De Meze (spelling may be wrong). After they have finished serving meals at this restaurant they clear the floor and have a live band for latin music. The music was good and some of the dancers were really good. Good fun just to watch. Maybe night time I’ll get on the dance floor.

This morning had a yummy breakfast at Brett and Jo’s place. Left for the long drive home about 10.00am.

That’s Incredible

Since I’m not at work this week Damien and I decided to try somewhere else for lunch. We tried to go the Balcony cafe but they were closed for renovations. So we went to the esplande and had lunch at the Blue Bottle Cafe. Damo had the pasta and I had the fish. Both were very nice.

This afternoon we went to the movies and saw the movie The Incredibles. Its a Disney animation and I’m never quite sure just how PG these movies are going to be. However this movie was very enjoyable. Good animation, very good character interaction. Loved the whole disfunctional family of super heros trying to fit into ‘normal life’ story line.