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April 5, 2012 - Locked Out

Last Saturday afternoon we were leaving the unit to go play some tennis. Due to some mis-communication we both left home without taking any house keys. Doh! We had the conversation that goes ‘But you’ve got the keys. No, you’ve got the keys’. Nobody had the keys. There was nothing to be done immediately so ... Read moreBack to the Salt Mines Read more »

Back to the Salt Mines

First day back at work today after two weeks of annual leave. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. Only had three meetings and took me until 1.30pm to read all my emails (note, not respond, just read).

A co-worker was showing her photos from a recent holiday to Africa and Europe. She had a good time. Africa looked like the most fun but I’m not sure its my kind of fun. USA next year and then maybe I’ll do China.

Bye Bye Birdie

I wasn’t content with spending another dull night in so at 6.30pm I rang the local theatre to see if they had any tickets for Bye Bye Birdie which had its last show at 8.00pm. And they did!

From the theatre website:

Bye Bye Birdie is a hilarious, satirical look at the rock and roll phenomenon and the insurgence of the teen culture that came in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Conrad Birdie has been drafted into the American armed forces and the teenage girls of the nation are in turmoil. Sadness turns to hysteria when Conrad ventures to the town of Sweet Apple to give one of his adoring fans ‘one last kiss’ live on the Ed Sullivan Show. But not everyone is happy about this publicity stunt and, of course, everything begins to go hilariously wrong. So make sure you get there before…. ‘Conrad Birdie has left the building’

How was it. Well it was ok. The first half was really good but the second half seemed to drag on and at the end… well, nothing really happened. Some good talent in the show. The father of the teenage girl was played by the same guy who I saw not that long ago in Fiddler on the Roof. He brings a very good mix of singing talent and comedy to his roles.

PC Consolidation

My study is just getting a bit too cluttered with PCs and monitors at the moment so time to reduce the clutter. A quick trip to the local computer store to pick up (a) wireless card for the new PC so I don’t have to have a cable running across the desk (b) a KVM switch that allows me to use one monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers with the two computers. Installed them this morning and everythings working fine. The only small hitch appears to be that my LCD monitor goes a little fuzzy when you switch between computers. Luckily the monitor has a quick “Auto Configure” button that optimises everything in about 2 seconds. Good enough for me.

I just came from my first piano lesson for 2005. To be honest I’ve probably practiced about 40mins for the entire four weeks over the Christmas break. My teacher didn’t seem that concerned. I expect most people slack off. When I sat down at the piano it didn’t sound that bad so maybe I haven’t forgotten everything after all.

Chips Ahoy!

Along the side of my property, near my driveway, the neighbours tree hangs over my side by quite a lot. Its a tall tree, too tall for me to trim by myself from the ground. My plants and lawn underneath are a bit slow to grow given the extra shade. So I was very happy this morning when some tree trimming people, hired by the neighbour, turned up. They had a bit of work to do, including trimming the offending tree! Yea!

Not so hard to do the trimming when you have a cherry picker and a mulcher that chips six inch logs in a matter of seconds.

Cherry Picker

Plenty of sunshine now! Of course this will mean that I’ll have to mow more often. Doh! 😉

Sold to the highest bidder!

Damien and I went to an auction yesterday. It was called a ‘general’ auction but it was just about all used computer equipment. I’ve been looking to replace my old PC at home for some time now but didn’t want to spend the $1k+ that it would cost me for a new machine. So second hand seemed the way to go. I did a bit of research through the auction site before hand. We went an hour early and inspected the machines. Some of them were slightly different to the auction listing specifications. Made a note of the items we were interested in and waited for the fun to begin.

First off were four print servers that Damien was interested in. But when the auction started the guy changed it to a bulk lot for all four items and before we knew what was going on the bidding was finished. Bugger! After that we knew how the game worked and by end of the day Damien had gotten two PCs and I got a fairly new PC for the prices we wanted.

This morning at 8.30am I had four cubic metres of peanut shells delivered so I can re-cover my front garden. I wasn’t positive I’d gotten my math right and it seemed like a lot. But after two hours of shovelling and wheelbarrowing and removed the pile and had covered the entire garden perfectly. That will keep the weeds at bay for another two years until I’ll have to do it again.

While I was going the gardening I had a professional carpet cleaner in the house cleaning the bedroom carpets. There is a huge difference between home and professional vaccuum cleaners. The guy had been working for a while and I had a look at the carpets; they looked spotless. I made the comment ‘looks great, must be just about finished’. To while he informed me that he had only vaccuumed for far and hadn’t done the dry cleaning yet.

Damn, got to get me one of those vaccuum cleaners. Maybe I can find one at auction 😉