Kiva Loans – lucky 13

Some of my existing Kiva loans were recently repaid so I had some money in my account. I decided to re-loan that money back out to other borrowers. I also haven’t processed any new Kiva loans for a while so contributed to an additional 5 loans to catch me up. The borrowers are from all over the world, but are all involved in agriculture in some way.

Mixed Kiva Loans

I’d fallen behind a bit in my Kiva loans over the last few weeks. So I just contributed to 7 loans to bring the karma back into balance.

In Honduras a loan for Agriculture, Cattle.

In Kenya a loan for Agriculture, Farming.

In Kenya a loan for Agriculture, Farm Supplies.

In Peru a loan for Agriculture, Animal Sales.

In Peru a loan for Agriculture, Animal Sales.

In Philippines a loan for Agriculture, Farming.

In Georgia a loan for Agriculture, Animal Sales.

Kiva loans and Cups

I just contributed to another 5 Kiva loans. It only cost about $30 as the rest I had received back in funds repaid from existing Kiva loans. This morning I also went to the local Vinnies shop and donated a bag full of coffee mugs and tea cups. They lady said that they should be able to sell them in their shop. I hope it helps someone.

Chaldovar, Kyrgyzstan for Agriculture/Cattle

Tajikistan for Agriculture/Farming

Kant, Kyrgyzstan for Agriculture/Livestock

TARMA, Peru for Agriculture/Agriculture

El Salvador for Agriculture/Poultry

Dropped Visa

I was walking in a shopping centre when a couple walked in front of me, the guy putting items back into this wallet and then into his pocket. While he was walking a card fell out. He didn’t notice. I quickly picked it up and chased after him. I tapped him on his shoulder and told him that he’d dropped his Visa. They were both very appreciative. Good deed done for the day.