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October 4, 2010 - Pat the sheep

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Giggle & Hoot

For those without children you may not know but Giggle and Hoot is a childrens television show on the Australian ABC. Jimmy Giggle is the main character along with his owl friends. Today we took Emma to the Giggle and Hoot show. They were putting on a Christmas show at the Seymour Theatre complex. We were lucky enough to get tickets early so we got seats in the second row. Emma really liked the show. It went for just under an hour which is good for the attention span of little kids.


This weekend just gone we took a family holiday to Ballarat in Victoria. The purpose of the trip was to visit my good friend Linda and her family. The trip didn’t start well. We ended up missing our flight, by 10 minutes. So at 7.30am in the morning I was trying to figure out what we could do. We ended up rebooting on a 2pm flight, to a different airport. I had to re-arrange our car rental pickup to be the new airport but other than that not too big an issue. Well except for the ~7hours we had to spend in the Sydney domestic airport. With a toddler. Who had been up since 5.30am. I would have predicted the world was going to end with mega tantrums. But she was actually very well behaved. We walked through the shops. We played cards on the floor. We ate airport food. And eventually we got on our new flight.

Ballarat was cold and windy. But it was lovely to see Linda, her family, and see her new home that they have built.


I’ve been wanting to try archery for ages. I figure its a good skill to have when the zombie apocalypse happens. It turns out there is an archery club not far from home. A co-worker invited me to come for “try archery” session that they run. We went, and had a lot of fun. I don’t think I embarrassed myself with my skills (or lack thereof).

Normanhurst West School Fete

School fetes are always great fun. And often a great source of second hand clothes and toys at cheap prices.
Yesterday we went to the Normanhurst West School Fete. Emma had her first pony ride. She also played (forever) on the jumping castle. They also had a ‘ride’ where kids jump in a bungy type harness. I wasn’t sure if she would want to try, but she did.