Leaving Townsville

My flight from Townsville to Brisbane didn’t depart until 5.15pm so I had the day to prepare. I spent the morning washing and checking I had everything for the trip. Even did a quick drive to the shops to pick up more underwear. You can never pack enough underwear! Mum came over after 3pm and took me to the airport where I met Jo. Our plane was scheduled to depart on time, a good start to the holiday. Walking to the plane across the tarmac two women walked in front of us. The path was marked with big giant orange traffic cones and yet one of the women walked straight through them towards the plane, in front of the engine. Before I had time to see if she would be sucked into the engine like in the movies two panicking Virgin Blue airline staff yelled at her and asked her to return to the path. Other than that the 2 hour flight was uneventful. We caught a taxi from the airport to our hotel, the Brisbane Watermark. The website listed their location as a short 5 minute walk from the CBD. But when I asked the front desk clerk they said it was more like a 15 minute walk. No truth in advertising! We walked to the CBD and found a place to eat dinner in the mall. Had a very nice $32 steak before we went back to the hotel.