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April 15, 2006 - Pool Heating

I’ve been trying to arrange a pool heating system for several months now. However with the constant rain and a few other delays its only just been installed. There’s now a few more pipes around the place and an extra pump for a pool. The theory is you run pipes onto your roof and flow ... Read moreKoala Park Read more »

Koala Park

Today we went to the koala park in Pennant Hills. Julia and I had been a long time ago, before Emma was born. Today we took Emma and Grandma. The koala park is quite small and not really worth the entrance price. But Emma had fun running around. After the park we went to the Hotel Pennant Hills for lunch. The hotel had a blow up jumping castle and Emma loved jumping on it.

Car Crash

I was involved in a car crash yesterday. I was driving along a street next to a shopping centre when a delivery truck left the shopping centre, crossed two lanes of traffic and then crashed into the front of my car. Luckily neither of us were going fast so it wasn’t a dangerous crash. I say lucky because my daughter was in the car with me. Everyone was fine. The truck didn’t get damaged but my poor car had its front crushed. My nerves were shaken from the adrenaline but after a few hours settled down. I got into insurance company and had my car into the repairers in the afternoon. Unfortunately the car could not be legally driven due to damage. And worse still the repairers were closing until January 4th. Some arrangements were made and I’ve got a hire car until the repairs are done. Hopefully it’s done quickly when they reopen.

Goodbye Virgin, hello Amaysim

I’ve been a Virgin Mobile customer for my mobile phone for about 8 years. However I’ve found that their data limits haven’t been increasing enough for average use. I was paying $50 for a lousy 1Gb of data. And each month i was struggling to stay under that limit. So today I’ve moved on. I’m now an Amaysim customer for my mobile. For $50 I’m getting 8Gb each month. And no contract so I can change or leave whenever I want.

Russian Lessons

In September I started getting lessons in the Russian language. Obviously Julia speaks Russian and we’d like our daughter to be bi-lingual so we thought I’d try learning with a teacher. Julia found a very nice lady who teaches via Skype. A couple of nights a week I have a one our Skype session we do our lesson. Its hard. Very hard. Some days I think I’m going backwards and not forwards. But it is enjoyable when I can remember how to say a phrase or answer a question. This isn’t a short term goal so there is no deadline or rush to ‘finish’.