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April 30, 2009 - Happy Birthday to me - part 33

My 33rd birthday. They’re getting more and more tame. Not that its a problem as thats what I want. Todays birthday celebrations were seeing the movie ‘Wolverine’ at the cinemas and then lunch on the Townsville Strand. I don’t care much for this getting older. Read more »


In November last year I created and ordered three photos books from the company Albumworks. I’ve used them before, and the product was good. So I had no concerns with using them again.

So on the 15th November I created a photobook using their software and ordered 3 copies.
On the 19th November I received an email from them that the books had been printed, but one of the three books was found to have a defect and they would reprint it. Rather than hold up the entire order they would post the first two books now. Several days later we received the two books in good condition. That is when it all went downhill.

I had to chase them several times over the last book. On the 14th December they said it had been posted. A week later still no book. I chased them again and they advised that the courier had collected it, but apparently then it just disappeared and no one knew where it was. They would re-print it again. Last week the last book finally arrived. And unfortunately the binding on the book is broken. I’m so over complaining though so I’m not going to chase them again.

They did try to give good service. When I originally complained, they gave me a voucher for 20% off on my next order. When I complained because the book hadn’t arrived after a month they actually refunded my entire order. That was a nice surprise. But what I really wanted was the book I ordered, not my money back. So in the end I got two good books; which we used as gifts. And a broken book, which we will keep for ourselves. At no financial cost. And yet because I had to keep complaining and chasing them I still don’t feel good about the entire situation. It was the lack of communication which really annoyed me. I was never told what was happening and I had to keep chasing them. I also found that posting to their Facebook page was how to get a response. It seems that companies these days put communication that isn’t on social media on a much lower priority, which is a shame. I’d prefer to not complain on a public forum, but if that’s the only way to get my issue addressed then that is the tool I’ll use.

Pie in the Sky

For lunch today we drove north to the Pie in the Sky cafe near Cowan.
The homemade pies are fantastic and the weather wasn’t as cold as I expected. Definitely a great place to go for lunch.

pie in the sky

pie in the sky - meal

Damn leak

Two days ago I was woken by the sound of water dripping. It was raining hard outside. It was 4am and the noise was annoying me so I got up to close my window. That’s when I discovered the dripping sound was in our bedroom. We had a leaking roof. I got a ladder and went into the roof and saw where water was coming in. I went out into the rain, got on the roof, and found what I though was a crack where the water was coming in.
Not much I could do about it at 4am, in the dark, in the rain. I put a material rag to try and deflect some of the flow of water which seemed to help a bit. It was still raining for the entire next day. But I got on the roof and using blue-tack and some sandbags (plastic bags filled with sand from my daughters sand pit) I managed to stop the water. This morning the rain finally stopped. I’ve used sealant on what I hope is where the water is coming in. Fingers crossed the problem is now fixed.

Sydney Taronga Zoo

In hindsight it was a poor decision to go to the zoo today. On a Saturday. During school holidays. But go we did.

When we arrived there was a line of cars on the street just waiting to get into the car park. Not a good sign. We got into the car park and found a spot. There were only about 6 spots left in the entire carpark so very lucky. Then we had to line up to buy tickets. Then once we purchased tickets, we had to line up to use the tickets to enter the zoo. By this point we’re sick of lines and about over the zoo.

We go into the zoo and there is a lemur exhibit. You can go into the exhibit so you are close to the animals. Of course there is a line. We wait 10 minutes then our daughter decides she is bored, as we all are, and starts screaming. We leave the line and say goodbye to the lemurs.

The zoo has really gone downhill over the years. The exhibits are poor. There were less animals no display. And sometimes only one animal in an exhibit. A large section of the zoo appears to have been given up to another company/activity for rope activities for kids. And the prices were damn expensive. We spent about $200 for half a day there.

I do like the giraffes though.

sydney zoo

We definitely won’t be returning until our daughter is a few years older. At the moment she found the animals on the posters just as entertaining as the animals.

Berry Island

Today we went to the Berry Island Reserve Playground in Wollstonecraft. Oh and Happy New Year. I was awake at midnight; I was actually changing my daughters nappy when the New Year arrived. The fireworks sounded like canons exploding. But she didn’t wake up luckily.
Anyway today we decided to venture to the unknown and try a new park.
Berry Island
Located in the posh inner city suburb of Wollstonecraft is a decent sized park. There are climbing activities for small and bigger kids. And a very nice outlook over the water. There is also a walk, of about 20 minutes, which has some nice views of the water and the Sydney city.