TeamWalrus is the online home of Brian King. Born and raised in Townsville region, Australia with one younger sister. In January 2008 I moved to Sydney.

On September 25th 1995 I started working for a Credit Union in Queensland. Initially starting out as a teller, soon after I moved to an administration role to run their IT systems. After more than a decade with the Credit Union I decided it was time for a change. On the 7th December 2007 I officially finished employment with the Credit Union. I was offered a role in an IT company in Sydney which I accepted. So I packed as much of my belongings as I could into my car and drove to Sydney, and found somewhere to live. On 22nd January 2008 I started work in the new company which is based in Pennant Hills. The new role has me developing new skills in program development but still get to use my support and training skills on a daily basis.

At the beginning of 2006 I got a feline companion called Neko. I’d grown up with pets but never had one of my own since leaving home. Took a while to get used to the cat hair everywhere, the meowing, the cat hair everywhere, the leg attacks when you least expect it, the cat hair everywhere. Unfortunately when I moved to Sydney I was unable to find accommodation that would allow pets so she is living with my sister at the moment.

I have an interest in dancing which started back in 2000. Started with ballroom/latin dancing (even went in a few formal competitions). In 2005 I started getting interested in a different dance styles. Initially starting with rueda which then turned into salsa. On a regular Friday night you’ll find me out salsa’ing at a social dance.

For a few years I took piano lessons each Friday night. Progress was slow but that was due to my lack of practice. When I moved to Sydney I didn’t bring my keyboard with me and I haven’t resumed lessons. Unfortunately most of the skills I learned have probably been lost by now.

I’ve done by share of activities including bungy jumping, snow skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, white water rafting, jet skiing, paint balling, and I’m sure plenty of others that I can’t remember at the moment. I have an open water scuba diving certificate (although needs a refresher) and have an open motor bike licence. I always like to try new things and am willing to try almost anything once.

I have done a little bit of traveling. I’ve been to most capital cities in Australia and have traveled to the USA/Canada on four occassions; 1997, 2000, 2006, 2012. In 2006 I actually went to Las Vegas to celebrate my 30th Birthday. Sure while I was there I went to other places while in the USA but my goal was to celebrate my birthday on the Las Vegas strip which is exactly what I did. In September 2007 I went to Singapore for a week and then went on to Cambodia. However only lasted in Cambodia 3 days before coming home. In November 2007 I went to Japan for a holiday of about 10 days.

I declared 2010 would be the year of the beefcake. I joined a gym and went regularly, about four times a week. After 12 months it had made a difference but I was finding it harder and harder to make it to the gym so I bought some weights to continue the workouts at home.

2010 was the year that I met my special lady, Julia. In July of 2011 we moved in together into a unit in Epping, Sydney. And on Sunday December 4th 2011 I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. And she said yes.

On the 17th March 2012 Julia and I were married in front of family and friends in the Chinese Garden in Darling Harbour Sydney. That day was also St Patrick’s Day. An Australian and a Russian get married in Chinese Gardens on St Patrick’s Day… On August 4th 2012 we went on our 2 week honeymoon to the USA and visited LA, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

On Monday 4th March 2013 we purchased a townhouse in Thornleigh. We didn’t move in for a few weeks as 3 days after settlement we flew to Thailand for an 11 day holiday.

On the 27th May 2013 we found out that Julia was pregnant with our first child. Our little girl, Emma, was born 12 days overdue on the 13th February 2014, at 2.45pm.

In September 2015 I started taking Russian language lessons from a tutor via Skype. A few times a week I we have a Skype session where I try very hard to not make a fool of myself in how little I’ve remembers from our previous lessons, or how little I actually know of English.

I have always stated I’ll one day write a musical reflecting my lifes twists and turns. I’m sure it would be comicly enjoyable.