Full Monty

Last night I went to see the musical the Full Monty. I hadn’t intended on going to this show; a show about guys stripping doesn’t seem like my type of musical. Mum and my sister and a her friend were going and had another ticket for someone else who couldn’t make it. So I was asked and accepted. And I’m glad I did. It was an excellent musical. I’ve never seen the movie, although it seems I’m one of the very few who haven’t. A fairly small cast but they were all excellent. Great casting, great singing.

I woke up this morning feeling very disoriented. I had no idea what so ever as to what day it was. Took me a few minutes to wake up and I was saying to myself, please let it be the weekend, please let it be the weekend. It was a real shame when I realised it was only Thursday. But only one day to go!