Tokyo Museum

We caught the train to the Ryogoku station and walked to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. For the regular readers of this blog you should know my spelling is terrible at the best of times. So its best to assume I’m spelling the Japanese names incorrectly from the start. Museum cost 600 yen and we walked around for an hour or two looking at all the exhibits. I really enjoyed some of the old prints; several hundred years old and still vibrant and colourful.

Old prints

After the museum we walked to the nearby Sumo arena but it was closed for the day. No sumo 🙁

We caught the train to Minani-Gyotoku to where Jodie used to live. We walked around a bit so she could see her old neighbourhood. Then it was on to Funabashi station where we walked to the ‘100 yen store’. Everything in the store, all six floors, sold for 100 yen ($1). Lunch was a McDonalds before heading back to the Ryokan to rest.

In the evening we went to Kamata and found a Dennys (yes, the American restaurant) and had dinner there.

General sights:
General street with fall leaves on trees
Japanese street
Japanese McDonalds, and sideways traffic lights
Japanese McDonalds
Bikes bikes and more bikes…
Bike bikes and more bikes
Man coming out of ticket vending machine
Man coming out of ticket vending machine

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