Men in Tutu’s

Last night I went to the theatre with friends and saw the production ‘Men in Tutu’s’. An all male ballet comedy. I didn’t know what to expect going in. It was a good show, with laughs had. It was all just ballet dancing, no speaking, with guys performing the male and lead roles. There was a lot of hamming it up for the audience from both ‘genders’. The crowd really seemed to enjoy it. Sets were short and they had two intermissions with the show finishing about 10pm. But I don’t think I’d have wanted it to be any longer.

Afterwards we went to the casino for a drink and something to eat. Then we went to the casino bar as there appeared to be a band setup. But when we got there they had finished and were just playing CDs over the sound system. I had a few dances with the ladies which was a fantastic way to end the evening.