Wallaman Falls

Drove to Ingham this morning and from there drove 46km to Wallaman Falls. About a quarter of that is over dirt/gravel road. When you arrive there is a lookout at the ‘top’ where you can view down at the falls. There is also a walking path about 2km long that decends down through the rainforrest to the bottom of the falls. Was a really good walk. Took longer to get back up (about 30mins), damn those steep inclines. I’m always impressed on how well the paths are made and how it took someone a lot of work to carry all the materials (such as rocks, rails etc) to build these paths.

Road to Wallaman Falls
View from the top lookout
View from the bottom lookout
Cassowary walking along the road

2 thoughts on “Wallaman Falls”

  1. I hope you didn’t get too close to the Cassowary. Those bloody things are dangerous. They’re good eating though. Mmmm….Cassowary!!

  2. I was in the safety of my car when I took the photos. Was driving back from the falls when came across the cassowary walking along the road. Pointed the camera out the car window while driving and took a couple of snaps before it disappeared into the rainforrest.

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