Orchard Road / Santosa Island

We’ve had great weather the entire time we’ve been here in Singapore. So this morning was a bit out of the ordinary when it rained for the first time. Not just rained, but poured down. Enough so we bought cheap $5 umbrellas for walking the street. It didn’t rain for long though and by 11am it would have stopped. This morning we walked a few blocks until we came apon the start of Orchard Road. Until today I thought it was Orchid Road and people were mispronouncing it. But no, its Orchard, or Orchid. As it, there used to be fruit Orchards there. Or so I’ve been told by a travel guide. Anyway we walked the length of the road. Going into a few shopping centres as we walked and then turned around and walked back again. To be honest nothing super interesting. Although did buy a new pair of nice soft sandals. The cheap ones I bought from Big W several year ago didn’t really have any padding and were starting to hurt my feet. But once you’ve seen a shopping centre you’ve seen them all. Except for the Sim Lim Square technology centre of course! Caught the train back to the area near our hotel. The trains are interesting because there is no divider between the carriages. So you can see from one end of the train to the other when you are on a straight bit of track. And as you go around bends you can watch the bend flow down the track through the carriages. When we got off we walked to Sim Lim Square (yes, love it) where I bought a new backpack for all my new toys. Now I’m a walking technology guy. Notebook, digital still camera, digital video, external hard drives, I’ve got it all. Including a bad back within a short period due to all the weight I’m sure.

This evening we caught a bus over to Santosa Island. Its a bit of a resort island (connected by road/rail/cable car to mainland). Didn’t really see much at all as time was very short. Just got dropped off near where they were running the show ‘Song of the Sea’. A little half hour show aimed at families. Was really quite good. Lots of water, fire, and laser projections.

The ‘Hippo’ hop on, hop off, tour bus we’ve been using to get around Singapore.
Hop on hop off tour bus
Brian and the kangaroo on Santosa beach.
Santosa Beach

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