Tours that surprise

More tour bus riding today. This morning we went to the travel booking place for the tours and booked a night tour for tonight and tomorrow night. Then we caught a bus to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Entry is free but be warned everything else there is expensive. The food was more expensive then every other place we’ve visited so far. The grounds were really impressive and you lived in Singapore I think I’d spent a lot of times relaxing in the many gardens there.
Botanic gardens
Botanic gardens
Today there was a little festival running in the gardens promoting the healthy use of your mind and body. They had some stalls setup telling you different things you can do; play games, exercise, etc.
Balloons advertising healthy mind and body
Stalls at Botanic gardens
Saw this grafitti on a plant while walking around. I guess as long as it doesn’t kill the plants it beats spray painting buildings.
Grafitti on plant
After a few hours at the park we went back to Sim Lim Square and I bought two new lenses for my camera. Its hard to resist (for me anyway). For less then I’d pay for one lens in Australia I got two here!

Back to the hotel for a shower and change and then caught the train to the tour centre for our night tour called ‘the Red Lantern’ tour. I expected it to be a tour of the China town area showing off the lighting and such. Way off. The red lanterns were originally used to indicate prostitutes were working there. So part of the tour was to take us to Geylang, which is an older part of Singapore where the prostitutes are. Was interesting. And yet wasn’t all that sleezy. Nearby in the same streets were families eating dinner together in restaurants. Was a very very busy area with lots of people around. Tour ended early about 9pm and we walked back to the hotel.

Some photos…

Worlds largest water fountain at the Suntec building. The fountain isn’t on in this photo. And its the large red thing, not the little tiny fountain that is working.
Worlds largest water fountain
Famous Raffles Hotel with suites from $600 to $6,000 a night.
Raffles Hotel
Singapore skyline
Singapore Skyline