I went to dinner with Jo, Brett and his Mum and partner last night at Finnigins. My steak was very nice as was the conversation. Afterwards we walked to Cold Rock ice-creamery so they could try one of the many flavours of ice-cream they have. After that we went home and Jo took an early night and Brett and I watched Matrix 2 on DVD. Had to fast forward a few parts, definitely not as good as the first movie in my opinion.

My friend Gaylene invited me (and a group of others) over to play Taboo at her place tonight. The game is basically a deck of cards. On each card is a word that is Taboo and not allowed to be said. There are other related words on the card that are not allowed to be said. When its your turn you have to make your team members guess the Taboo word. For example your Taboo word might be slug and the words you’re not allowed to use could be snail, pest, garden, plants. It was a fun night. It makes you try and think “outside the box” as you use other words to describe your Taboo word. A good game if you have a mind like a thesaurus.