Singapore Zoo

We had breakfast in the hotel this morning. Had no idea what the arrangement was so when no one was going to help us we just started making toast. Then saw a sign that the breakfast was complimentary for guests. Yay! After we had breakfast we made our plans to go to the zoo. Worked out we need to catch a train to somewhere, and then a bus from there to the zoo. Easy! Asked at the desk where to catch a train and followed the directions without any problems. As we were walking to the station we saw some cigarette butts in the street so if anyone says there are none in Singapore they are lying. But I still wouldn’t litter. Fines here are very very very expensive. $500 for eating or drinking on the trains. When we got to the train station we couldn’t get the ticket machine to work. Asked a staff person who advised we needed to use smaller currency. Once we did that we got our electronic cards ok. You tap the cards on the entrance and it beeps and lets you into the station. Jo had real trouble with this until a local lady showed her how to do it. We got on the right train and even changed trains at an interchange station without any real problems. We got a little lost looking for the bus but found that ok too. The train was $2.60 each (one way) and the bus was $1.50 each (one way). Used cash for the bus but you can use a pass, if you know how, we didn’t. The trip took about an hour, including changing trains to buses etc. The streets of Singapore are very clean (even with a few butts) and everywhere is green. Trees and plants everywhere you look. When we got to the zoo we bought our passes, a day and night zoo pass double ($30 each). We planned to go to the day zoo today and the night zoo another time. We spent the afternoon walking around the zoo checking out the animals and a few shows. The zoo is really impressive and you rarely see any cages. The animals are contained using moats so you feel a lot closer to them. The kangaroo that I bought in Australia got a few photo opportunities as we walked around.

In front of the Singapore zoo
Brian in front of the Singapore Zoo
The elephant show
Elephant Show
Elephant stealing the guys hat
A touch of Australia in Singapore
Travelling kangaroo
Brian and the Kangaroo
Brian and the Kangaroo in front of the monkey exhibit
Kangaroo at the Rhino exhibit
Kangaroo vs Rhino
These Lemurs were running around. I was worried at one stage they were thinking of trying to climb up my leg. I was wearing baggy shorts at the time. You understand…
No zoo trip is complete without monkeys!
More monkeys. Well statues of monkeys… and Brian
Brian monkeying around
Check out the toilets. They were very impressive. Very natural. Had to make sure I wasn’t arrested taking a photo inside the toilets! The things I do for this blog.
Toilets at the zoo

After several hours our feet were sore and we’d had enough. We decided to return home the same way we came. When we tried to get on the bus though we didn’t have exact change this time. The bus driver didn’t have change and wouldn’t allow us to pay more (keep the damn $1 change). So we (I made Jo) ask other passengers if they had any change. Luckily some locals did and were very nice to us. So we caught the bus back to the train station. The train was easy again and no problems. When we got to the local station near our hotel we got some Indian food for dinner (our hotel is in an Indian area). Let me warn you; if you ask a true Indian if the food is hot, when they say no, you are coming from two completely different frames of reference. It was hot! But still nice. Just meant the drink was gone very very quick 🙂

After we’d eaten we went to the Sim Lim Square which was reported to be a place where you can purchase technical goods. Man, they weren’t kidding. This is a techno-lovers dream. The building is about 6 stories tall and every single store in the place is selling technical stuff. Computers, cameras, everything! A lot of them selling the same stuff but was still impressive. Prices were good too. Especially since one Singapore dollar is about 80 Australian cents. And I got sucked in. The prices were too good and I bought a notebook computer. Significantly cheaper than I would have paid at home (I hope!!!). Now I just have to lug the thing with me when I fly. Bugger! When Jo was sick of me gawking at the technology shops we decided to return to the hotel to rest our feet. When I checked at the hotel I could get the login codes for their wireless network and I connected my computer up, and here I am; posting from my new computer. Isn’t technology wonderful! 🙂