Off to Singapore

We had breakfast at the hotel and then walked back into the CBD to pickup a few things with ‘Australia’ on them. I bought a kangaroo that will appear in photos while overseas :). When we got back to the hotel reception rang me asking when were we going to check out. As it was only 10.30am and I had a late checkout booked for 12 noon I told them later. They apologised for not noticing the late checkout. Glad I wasn’t still asleep. We caught a taxi to the international airport which cost about the same fare, $40. Checked into our flight quickly, then walked the shops and had something to eat. We had a ham, cheese, and tomato toasted sandwich each, an juice each, and a chocolate bar for the bargain price of $28. Yay for airport prices. Flight was supposed to board at 2pm but they started at 1.45pm. Plane rows were as 3 seats; 3 seats; 3 seats. We were in the middle set of 3 which meant we could get up when we wanted without disturbing anyone else. Each seat had its own screen and you could watch movies or play games. But the movies all started at the same time, so you couldn’t start watching them whenever you wanted. I watched Oceans 13, and then ‘The EX’. Both good movies. Having movies really makes the time pass quickly. Our flight time was supposed to be eight hours but we actually got there in 7. Must have been a really good tail wind.

When we arrived it was really easy to go through customs. Jo even had some foodstuff we were going to check at customs. There were two lines, one with nothing to declare, everyone was going through that door. And one with something to declare, we were the only ones who went this way. But when we went through the door, we were outside! The right next to us was the door for those who didn’t declare anything. No checks, nothing. Oh well. As we went through the door there was a driver with a sign with me name on it. He grabbed out bags and led us to his waiting car/van. This is my first trip to an Asian country so I was expecting more… well Asian stuff. The radio in the van was playing all normal rock stuff that you hear at home. ‘I shot the Sherrif’ was not what I was expecting. We got to our hotel and checked in. Had to pay for the accomodation in advance. The hotel rooms are pretty small but clean and tidy. Tomorrow will start adventuring…

A view of the street (or more accurately, alley) where our hotel is located.
Perak Street where our hotel is
Singapore skyline, they’re not afraid of colours.
Some of the Singapore skyline