Let the fun begin!

Today is the first day of my six weeks of holidays! Yay! And its been a pretty good day. The morning was very productive. Went to the Credit Union and picked up some foreign currency for my trip and made sure my loans and such were paid in advance for while I’m away. Then went to the chemist to pick up my tablets so I don’t get malaria. Turns out my doctor stuffed up again and didn’t supply enough tablets on the script for while I’m away, but the chemist did something to fix it. Then I saw a tax guy and submitted my tax returns for the last two years. So hopefully the government won’t chase me down for leaving the country now. Picked up some ‘passport’ photos for travel visas and whatever else I may need them for. Then went to a salsa workshop in town for two hours. Learnt a few new moves and practised a few moves from the last workshop. A group of us went to the brewery after for a drink. Was very nice and relaxing. I’m hoping all days of my holidays will go as well.