Queens Park

I took some lunch down to Queens Park today and ate it while sitting under a big shady tree. Not that the shade was necessary as it was quite overcast. Then I lay back on the grass and just as I was starting to nod off it started raining. Not enough to actually worry me as the tree kept most of the water off but enough so I couldn’t sleep. Really should go to the local parks more often because they really are quite pretty and nice places to relax.

This morning I went to the movies and saw Die Hard 4.0. I was in the mood for a movie where I didn’t have to think and this movie fit the bill. As per the previous movies its an action flick. I think John Maclean may be part terminator because the guy never stops. Jumping from cars, planes, buildings, in explosions, getting shot at. All part of his adventure. Sure he gets a few scratches and every now and then limps to remind you that he’s hurt but he’s still better off then the hundreds a bad guys that he keeps killing off with amazing efficiency. And yes the movie is full of bad puns. But thats what the Die Hard series is all about. Glad I saw this. If you are after an action flick with big explosions that you don’t have to think through, go check it out.

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