External Drive and Yuck

Woke up suddenly at 5am this morning feeling very very nauseas. Was also accompanied by a chill and then a fever. Luckily it was only temperary and managed to fall asleep again by 6am. Have no idea what it was. Perhaps my body complaining about the drugs, alcohol and energetic activity I’ve been putting it through. Well too bad, it better get used to it. Was feeling a little off for the remainder of the day but mainly ok. Except for horrible taste of chlorine that I couldn’t get rid of. Anyway… not dead yet.

I went out today and bought a small portable 160Gb external hard drive. Was on sale and the best part is I got it for free. I earn points for using my Visa card and then can spend those ‘points’ on goods. Well over the last couple of years its been building up and I had enough for this purchase. Yay! Am planning on taking it overseas with me when I go so I have somewhere to save photos and files from my camera while I am away.

Also got one of the photos from the white water rafting printed as a 6″x8″ print. Will have to go get a frame tomorrow so I can put it up somewhere.