Blue Dream

I had a dream last night. A sex dream. Yes this website has finally sunk to those low levels. Actually that probably happened a long time ago. But what made this even worth mentioning (to me anyway) was the horribly sad fact that I wasn’t even in the dream. Yes in the dream the star and person getting all the action was Colin Farrell. Colin Farrell! I don’t even like the guy as an actor. But there he was in my dream and some very lovely ladies were glad to have his attention. I personally blame Yvette for constantly telling me how much she likes Colin Farrell and how dreamy he is. I’ll have to start telling her how dreamy Jessica Simpson is every time I see her and maybe she’ll start having Jessica invade her dreams.

1 thought on “Blue Dream”

  1. And he couldn\’t even invite you to join in?? Even in your own dream? Dude, that\’s a little messed up. It\’s not like the selfish bastard would have any trouble hooking up with some other ladies. Well, that\’s if he was straight. I\’ve heard from very reputable sources that he\’s gay. But don\’t tell Yvette!

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