Yesterday at about 2pm I picked up Yvette, Kate and Damien and we squished all our gear into my car. It just fit in. We drove north for an hour or so up the winding mountain road and made it to the town of Paluma. We found the little cottage where we were staying without too much trouble thanks to some sign posting by Linda L out the front near the road.
Paluma Cottage
We moved inside and made ourselves warm by the open crackling open fire. Glen was playing fire warden and kept a nice blaze going. We had a few beverages and enjoyed some nibblies as people continued to arrive through the afternoon. We had some dinner, although I wasn’t hungry since we’d been eating all afternoon so instead just ate Kate’s leftovers.
Then we all walked our way down the road to the Paluma community hall, which was only about 50m from the cottage where we were staying. The band was huge. I reckon there would have been at least 15 people playing instruments. We quickly discovered that drink prices were the very low price of $2.50 so started visiting the bar as we got thirsty. And the dancing was thirsty work. Only took one dance and everyone began stripping off jumpers and layers of clothes. The dances were very well run with the band giving instructions on how to do each dance before we actually did it. Great for bush dance novices such as myself.
Paluma Bush Dance
I had an absolutely great time dancing throughout the evening and it seemed to come to an end way too quickly.
We made our way back to the cottage and setup mattress’ and sleeping essentials on the floor. Everyone tried to get some sleep but I don’t think too much was had. The trip to the bathroom, trying to not to step on sleeping friends as you walked there, was always fun.
Everyone started to drag themselves out of bed around 8am and the cooking of breakfast began. The cooking seemed to take forever. Not sure if that was the stove, the limited cooking utensils, or just the fact I’m a crap cook. Probably a combination of all three.
It was a really great weekend and I hope to get to do it again next year.