No Sunshine

I went to the movies yesterday and saw the sci-fi called Sunshine. Story is that the sun is dying so a group of astronaughts fly a big bomb to the sun to ‘restart’ it. I think its been a while since I’ve seen a sci-fi so was looking forward to. I was horribly disappointed. This movie was horrible. Its more a thriller/horror trying set in space, rather than a sci-fi. And a crap one at that. The story line is boring and predictable. The directing is crap as they sustitute good acting and suspect for blurry shaking camera scene. Don’t bother seeing this one.

Last night went to Bistro One for a friends birthday. I had a chicken dish which was just delicious. Especially the mashed potato on the side. Its a shame the service was so absolutely woeful since the food was so nice. Seems to be a common theme in this town with restaurants taking the time and money to get good chefs but then having rude, or poorly trained, support staff.

This morning I went to the gym and then Linda took me to lunch at Lukabean cafe for an early birthday event. Was very nice indeed. Have been having a good run with food dining out lately 🙂

2 thoughts on “No Sunshine”

  1. Perhaps Townsville could do with some Khmer trained staff. The wait staff are so professional and attentive that sometimes it’s actually over the top, like having your own personal wait staff. Might be a business opportunity in training Townsville hospitality staff…..

  2. Is ‘tipping’ expected in Cambodia? From my few trips to the USA I don’t think tipping made any difference though in the level of service that you received. In fact many places included a set level of tipping in the bill, not negotiable, which basically is another tax you pay.

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