Wednesday in Brisbane – Neil Diamond

We drove to and up, Mt Cootha today. Went to the top and had a look at the city from the lookout. Then drove down and went to the botanic gardens. More lizards everywhere there. These ones didnt try to harrass me though. Definitely of the friendly variety… as long as you leave them alone. We were going to go to the planetarium but it was closed for a private session so we decided to go back the next day.

We drove to the Chermside shopping centre and walked around the shops and had some lunch. I bought two classic DVDS; Road House and Six Degrees of Separation.

That night we went to our Neil Diamond concert. It was excellent. The concert was as the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and we had 3rd row seats. He put on a show that went for 2hrs 15mins and sounded great. No breaks, no warm up band; all Neil. I think everyone loved the show and the crowd was on its feet for many of the songs.

Afterrwards we went through a McDonalds at 11.15pm and they were closed! Whats that all about? Even in Townsville they are open until midnight. And I thought this was a capital city…