60th Birthday

Its been a huge weekend. Mum turns 60 this week so we had a BBQ party at my house to celebrate. She knew the party was on, it was her idea to have it at my house. But she didn’t know my sister and I had arrange, in secret, for her sister from Brisbane to be coming. Nor did she expect her best friend from 6th grade to fly in from Brisbane. So two very nice surprises for her on the night.

Yesterday was ‘go’ from the moment I got up. Mowing and cleaning the yard and house in preparation for the birthday party. Then it was cooking and making sure everyone had drinks. Basically playing the good host. My Aunty and Uncle stayed at my place so had to prepare a room for them to stay in.

This morning after breakfast we picked up Mum from her place and went into the Mall to check out the Sunday markets. Nothing super exciting there but we did buy some chocolate and have a sausage on bread. Mmmm sausage on bread. Back to my place for lunch and then afterwards everyone left.

So I took advantage and had a swim and a nap (didn’t nap in the pool) to relax a bit. This evening Kate, Damien and Jo came over for our Sunday salsa session. Covered the moves we did last week as well as refreshed some older moves and did a couple of new ones. Seemed to come together much better than last week. Maybe I wasn’t as tired.

Yes its been a good but exhausting weekend. Still, beats going to work. What day is it tomorrow…. damn!