Tuesday in Brisbane

Damien and I drove to the Gold Coast and went to DreamWorld for the day (entry cost $60). We went on the river rapids ride and then had some lunch. While eating lunched we watched some guys who seemed to have the worst jobs in the park. They had emptied a large animal pond and were trying to get all the grey, mucky, smelly, gunk out of the bottom of the pond. During out lunch I kept getting harrassed by giant lizards who seemed to think I was their friend and kept sneaking closer and closer. I finished my lunch before having to give them a friendly kick, thank goodness.

That night Damien, his sister Jody, her friend Olivia and myself went to dinner on the South Bank. We ended up at a bar and while we were there they started a quiz night competition. Our team, Team Swedon!, won!!!!!! And Damien ended up being the super quiz master and won a cooler bag for his excellent efforts.