Monday in Brisbane

Made it to Brisbanesafely with the only event being a woman and small child trying to take my window seat on the flight. Turns out they were not only in the wrong seat, they were on the wrong side of the isle. Thank goodness the plane didn’t crash because they never would have survived on a desert island.

Gaylene picked me up from the airport and I braved the Brisbane traffic. After a scare on a round-a-bout with a woman going the wrong way it was easy driving. After dropping Gaylene back at work I went and saw my relatives, Joyce and Alex, whom I would be staying with. Then I picked up Damien and we went into the city for a walk and a hot beverage. While we were at a cafe a co-worker from Townsville walked past so we had a chat. Its a small, small world.

That evening Damien, Alexandra and I went to the South Bank for dinner. Ate at a greek restaurant that had menu items from just about every type of food. It was good. Then walked off our full stomaches with a walk along the river.