The suna and blue sky suddenly appeared yesterday. And I mean suddenly. For weeks we’ve been overcast with clouds and its been raining fairly constantly. But yesterday morning work up to a perfect blue sky with not a cloud in it. Today was the same. Nice to have sunny days.

Time to take advantage of the good weather and do some yard work. First used the whipper snipper to trim the edges and then got out the mower. A few weeks ago I noticed a split in the air snorkle hose in the mower so took it into be repaired under warranty. Today was the first time I was going to use it since getting it back from the shop. And it wouldn’t start. Completely dead. And the throttle cable kept getting jammed. And the fuel was leaking out of the bleeder valve. Basically it was worse than when I took it in to be fixed. At least then it ran. So I took it back to the shop. Another 10 days or so before they can fix it. So I borrowed Mums mower and did the yard. Then in the continuing heat trimmed up a few of the trees. So now all my bins are full up to the max.

Last night had some friends over to watch DVDs on the new big screen. I think overall feeling was that it was an improvement. I think so anyway.