Trip to Cairns

On and whim and a need to get away for the weekend I jumped in my car yesterday morning and drove to Cairns. Usually the four and a half hour just wears me out but it wasn’t too bad this time. Put a CD of a live Fleetwood Mac in the stereo and sang along to some tunes. I passed the same ute pulling a boat trailer about four times. I’d pass him and then later pull over for food or fuel or checking my tyres and he’d zoom past.

When I got to Cairns I went to Brett and Jo’s who said they would give me a place to sleep for the night. After catching up I had a little afternoon nap (I think Brett fell asleep first). We had a very nice dinner at home, eating outside near the BBQ.

Brett and I went into town after dinner to do some dancing. Kate was in town so she came along to Casa De Meze for a couple of hours of salsa. We even did a basic free salsa lesson before the dancing started. Good thing it was free because it was basic, and not very good. But the dancing was ok. When Brett had enough of watching us dance we dropped Kate back to her hotel and then the boys went on to the nightclubs. First was the Underground in the casino. The $15 entry was poorly spent as the place was almost deserted. We went for a walk to Gilligans nightclub but that wasn’t very interesting either so we went back to the casino.

You know how you normally see one person on the floor who is having a great time, but they just can’t dance. They are bopping along but are out of time or have no sense of rhythme. I think the only word to describe these people are “white”. Well when we went back to the Underground the floor was full of “white” people. It was quite funny watching them grove along to the DJ. But hey they were having a good time. Not to be outdone Brett and I did a bit of dancing too.

This morning it was a sleep in after going to sleep about 3am last night (or is that this morning). Brett cooked a nice breakfast and little Lachlan decided he had the grumps and cried a lot. But then he was happy. And then he cried. And then he smiled. Then he cried. I don’t think he knew what he wanted. I have days like that. Anyway after breakfast I got in the car and drove the 4.5hr drive home.