I don’t understand…

Maybe its not the rest of the world gone loopy. Maybe its just me. Maybe I just don’t get it.

I was at a local cheapie store (Warehouse) yesterday and on the checkout was a simple sign that said; Customers, For alarms clocks to function they must be plugged into the power point. The battery is for backup only.. I would have thought that everyone knew this. Apparently not. Apparently they had customers who purchased alarm clocks, didn’t read the instructions and put in a fresh battery. Then got angry when it wouldn’t work. And they had enough customers who did this to warrant putting up a sign.

In the same store I bought a poker set. Included poker chips, cards and a few other pieces. And where did they have this stored? With the games, toys, novelties? No they were with the candles. Candles! Perhaps there is a candle fetish held by poker players that I don’t know about. Or the reverse, people who like candles also like playing poker. Whatever the link I don’t see it.

The worlds gone mad.

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