Mr Bond?

I went to the movies last night with Karen to see the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. I say new I mean remake. The Ian Fleming novel was made into a movie in 1967 but was made as a ‘spy spoof’ comedy moreso than an action movie. I’ve never seen it but from reviews it sounds pretty bad. Perhaps the makers of this 2006 movie kept ‘the bad’, because it ain’t that good. Not enough action, hard to understand dialogue, confusing characters, and a huge slow nothingness in the middle of the movie make this one movie to not rush out to see. If you do rush out make sure you go to the bathroom first. The movie is 2hrs 20mins and tack some advertisements and preview onto the front of that and you sure don’t want to be drinking the extra large coke or you’ll be crossing your legs before the movie is half over.