Back to Cairns

Wednesday late afternoon I flew back to Cairns on a little plan that seated about 40 people. The flight is about an hour and is no where near as tiring as the 4 hour drive. I had to go to Cairns for work to setup the network in a new office we are opening. Co-worker Julie and I checked into our hotel and then walked to the esplanade for dinner. The only steak on the menu where we went was $40. $40! And it was smaller than the palm of your hand. But man it was delicious. And I was full by the end of the meal so I guess it was ok.

Thursday after work a few of us went to the esplanade again for dinner. Found a nice little place with simple meals (no $40 steaks). After dinner I walked to the casino to check out the Thursday night dancing I’d heard about. It was supposed to be with a live band and start at 8.30pm. Well the band started at 9.30pm and the dancing only really started around 10.30pm. I ran into a guy I knew and he introduced me to a couple of local dancers. I got to dance for a bit but then left around midnight as I had to work the next morning. Shame really because it was still going strong at that time.