No Salsa?

(This entry back dated to the day it happened)

Jo and I went for a drive to Cairns today. There is supposed to be some good salsa dancing at the casino on Thursdays and we wanted to check it out. Drove up mid morning. Got some lunch when we arrived and then Jo did some clothes shopping. I lost her at one stage and had to get the store staff to page her. She was found, eventually.

We drove to the esplanade for dinner. We stopped at the Rattle and Hum restaurant. Jo had a very nice tandori chicken pizza. I ordered a rib steak and it was the worst meal I’ve had in a long time. Took 45 minutes and when it arrived it was overcooked and there was no piece of the steak without grissle. After a terrrible meal we walked to the casino and found where the dance was. Well… where it was supposed to be. It had been cancelled this week due to another event. Noooooooooo! So instead we walked to the night markets and ate banana and chocolate icecream crepes. Yummy.

Will stick around for a couple of days and head back home on Saturday.