Friends Brett and Jo and baby Lachlan (or LJ as his friends call him) came into town for a weekend visit. Local friends came over to my place for lunch and a catch up followed by a swim in the pool. LJ is growing up and is still a good boy. Hardly heard a peep out of him all weekend. Although he is a morning person, smiles when waking up, and that just clashes with my personality. Even those his smiles did make me smile…. but I didnt want to.

I woke up in the early hours of this morning feeling rather ill. While others slept I spent several hours doing my best to not wake everyone else up while at the same time wishing I was unconscious until I was feeling better. However it must have been just a temporary tummy bug because I was feeling better by morning. And feeling much better by afternoon when more swimming was called for.

We went to Sizzler for dinner tonight. I thought that arriving at 6pm-ish we’d beat the dinner crowd. Silly me. We waited in line about an hour which just ensured that we were really really really hungry by the time we were seating. The food was good and Jo even got an extra bonus when she found a lady bug on her salad. She obviously didn’t need the protein as she didn’t eat it.

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