Phource Pty Ltd

I was checking my Visa card statement and noticed a charge for Phource Pty Ltd for $21. Hmmm I didn’t recognise that name. Actually I do remember seeing that on my Visa last month and didn’t know what it was then either. So I went back a few statements and found it appeared each month. Always for the same amount. I had no idea what it was for and the dates always moved a bit. So it wasn’t charged on the same day of the month. Fraud! I though. A google search didn’t return any hits for the name. I did a lookup on the EFTPOS terminal used to processed the transaction and the category was ‘Barber/Beautician’. Wait a minute! I get my hair cut about every 5 weeks and I’m sure it costs about $21. Checked the date of the last transaction and sure enough it was the same day that I visited the local Just Cuts hairdresser. Mystery solved. Would have been much easier if they’d put it in their trading name.

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  1. Hi there, I had the same problem as you. Just Cuts – what on earth is Phource? Stupid Just Cuts! I thought I was frauded

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