Back to the 80’s

I went to the theatre on Saturday night to see the musical Back To The 80’s as put on by the Burdekin Theatre Group (or name to that effect). I was really looking forward to this show. Classic 80’s music in a theatre just had to be good. Well it wasnt as good as I had hoped. The cast and crew did a good job and knew their lines, the set looked good, the music was ok, but the singing… The singing was not so good. Perhaps because I knew all the songs pretty much word for word and I know what they should sound like, made it seem worse than it was. Most of the guys had the volume but did not have the range and I couldn’t tell if the girls were any good because they were so soft they could hardly be heard. So unfortunately I’d have to say, yes, this musical was a let down. Having said that it was still better than staying home and watching TV.