Show Day

Its a local public holiday for our annual ‘show’. But I’m at work, working the phones and making sure our staff at the 20-something offices that aren’t closed remain IT happy. I don’t mind as I have no intentions of going to the show and after the crappy weekend I’ve had its good to go to work and actually do something. The weekend was painfully boring and I passed the time by drinking (lots) and going to the movies. Beware spoilers ahead…

Click – I saw this movie on Saturday afternoon at the Warrina Cinemas. I really enjoyed this movie. Had some real funny scenes as well as a few sad parts thrown in. Story is Adam Sandler’s character who is struggling to get ahead at work while still spending time with his family. He gets his hands on a remote that controls his universe. So now he can fast forward the boring or bad bits.

Superman Returns – Movies are getting too long without any story being added and this movie is a prime example. It goes for about 2 and a half hours and I could have easily cut it by an hour. The story is weak. And a bit annoyance for me is that the story universe laws are flawed. Ok we all know that superman gets sick around kryptonite. And put him close enough to it and he will die. So in the movie they stab him with a kryptonite knife, then build an entire land mass filled with kryptonite, which superman picks up and flys up into space and throws it away. I mean, COME ON! Oh and they’ve given Miss Lane a child. An ugly kid who can’t act. Yep I’m afraid this movie is extremely disappointing.