Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre

We’ve had a run of temperatures in the high 30’s so today we decided to go for a swim. We hadn’t been to the Aquatic Centre in Olympic Park so decided to check it out. The centre opened at 10.00am and we got there at 11.00am. It was already busy, but we pretty much walked straight in.

They have lockers, so we hired one to put our gear in, then went into the pool. We swam in the two smaller pools. They were quite warm so not very pleasant. I was wearing my swimming rasher/tshirt, as I’m a bit self conscious about my pacemaker scar, and being a bit overweight. Looks definitely weren’t on the mind of everyone as there were lots of people who, well, weren’t oil paintings. It was only when we were leaving that I realised the larger lap pool wasn’t heated so was nice and cool. We swam for about an hour and then had a bite to eat in the cafe.

On the way out we noticed that the line into the centre was huge, leading back outside the doors. And the carpark was full, with people parking illegally, because they couldn’t find a spot. If you’re going to go here on a hot day, go early.