Failed Project – Stairs

Last year I decided to re-do the paved stairs that we have outside. The pavers, and logs supporting them had moved over the years so there are large gaps between the pavers. It seemed like too big a job for me so I thought I’d try tradesman; the internet way. I went onto AirTasker and put out a job request. Had several interested parties and accepted one. I ordered some online logs to replace the existing ones.

And then it started to go pear shaped. The logs arrived; and I’d ordered the wrong logs. Instead of half logs, I’d ordered full logs. And the AirTasker trademan kept saying he’d come to look/do the job, but never turned up.

Eventually I gave up. Defeated. I cancelled the AirTasker job. But now I had these big logs taking up room. Too big to throw out. Today I finally got in and cut them up into smaller sizes. Over the next few months they will disappear, piece by piece, into the rubbish bin.

Such a waste…