Exploding Microwave (aka Bing Lee sucks)

So we recently renovated our kitchen. And the microwave we had, while still working, was looking very tired. It was white and the white plastic had changed colours to the old yellow colour. Time for a new microwave.

We went to Bing Lee and purchased a new Sharp microwave. This was on a Saturday.
On the Sunday Julia went to cook some microwave popcorn. Emma and I were watching the popcorn in the microwave, nothing was happening, we were waiting for the popping to start. Then suddenly it exploded. Luckily the microwave door remained closed. The popcorn packed had been on a dinner plate. The plate had bounced up into the roof of the microwave denting it, and broke in to shards, some of which stuck in the door of the microwave.

We took at back to the Bing Lee store and advised when them what had happened. The store manager was rude and aggressive. He said the machine looked fine, nothing wrong. This despite the roof being collapsed. Then he said we must have cooked the popcorn wrong. I asked them to get the machine checked for faults. He said they would charge us $70 for the inspection.

A week later still no information. I called them and was told the machined was checked and was fine; I asked for a copy of the report. Another two weeks pass and no report. I chase them several more times and eventually get a single page document, with the single line “Unit appears to be working ok”.

After discussing with Julia I decided to call Woolworths. Because if I heard that someone had been hurt by this, and I’d not reported it, I’d feel bad. So I call Woolworths and explain that I’d purchased popcorn from them, the microwave had exploded, and ‘apparently’ the microwave was without fault. Woolworths were really good about it. They took all my details. I still had the popcorn packet so gave them those details. I got a call the next day from the person in charge of nuts and snacks saying if I didn’t get any updates to please escalate with them. I also got a call from the manufacturer of the popcorn. Over the next week they did some tests on the same batch of popcorn. They couldn’t find any problems. But as a sign of good faith about their product they offered to re-emburse me for the cost of the microwave AND the service fee that Bing Lee charged. How great is that.

In summary; don’t go to Bing Lee. They suck.