Dubbo Trip

Last weekend we had out little road trip to Dubbo.
My mum flew down the night before and came along with us for the trip.

The drive from Sydney to Dubbo was a long one. We stopped for lunch along the way to break up the drive (~5.5hours).

When we got to Dubbo we stayed in a Big 4 Caravan park, in one of the cabins. Funnily enough the cabin was on ‘Emma Street’ 🙂
The park had its own water park which Emma loved. The water was cold so after 30mins of swimming she was turning blue, but insisted she was fine and wanted to keep swimming.

The highlight of the trip was the Dubbo Zoo. We rented a golf cart (you can drive your own car, or rent bicycles) to take around the circuit.

As well as the Zoo we went to the nearby town of Wellington and went on a couple of underground cave tours. They were very interesting.