A month in review – September 2017

Last month Emma and I flew up to Townville for a very quick trip.  We got to spend some quality time with Grandma.  By quality I mean they played and I had afternono naps.  Quality.  Emma also got to spend some time with her little cousin Corey; who isn’t so little anymore.  Julia came to Townsville for the weekend and we caught up with some family.  It was a very quick trip; hopefully next time we’ll stay longer.
I took Emma to the NSW Train Safety Week actitities in the city.  Emma learnt some very important rules; hold a trusted adults hand, stay behind the yellow line, mind the gap, and the emergency buttons are only for emergencies.  There was story time, a song and dance.  Emma got to sit in the train drivers seat and push some buttons.  Then we went on an old fashioned steam trip for a short trip down the train line.  It was a really fun day.
Julia has enrolled Emma in in a Russian school.  Every Sunday afternoon for 3.5 hours they have classes for children where the only language spoken is Russian.  At Emma’s age group the children draw, paint, dance and sing songs.  All while the teacher speaks in Russian.  Emma seems to be enjoying it and is understanding more Russian.
Emma is still going to baby ballet class on Saturday morning and has moved from the little ones class to the bigger girls class.
Here’s an amusing, and sad, story.  While we were staying at Mums in Townsville there was a lovely 90 year old lady staying there as well.  We had been out to celebrate my Uncle Merv’s birthday and were now at home chatting.  She said Emma was beautiful, and asked if we were going to have more children.  I said no, we’re too old now.  She said but aren’t you only… 28 years old?  What a lovely dear.  No, I’m 41 I told her.  Well she said, I though you were younger.  She paused and said, ‘but I did forget my glasses’.  And my mum added ‘and you did have that glass of wine tonight’.  ‘yes thats right!’.  Sigh….
Emma fit in this car as a baby
Not anymore
Train safety week