A month in review – July 2017

Emma was sick recently with the flu. She’s still got a cough but is mainly ok.
She passed it on to Julia who is now sick. So far I’ve escaped the flu germs.

I’m trying to teach Emma about choices, and how she can’t have everything. We went to the local shopping centre and we were going to buy Emma a juice. In the shop we looked at a stall that was selling knitted things. She said she wanted a finger puppet. I explained she could have a finger puppet, but it would mean she couldn’t have juice. She was ok with that. I bought the puppet and she was happy. Then we went into the shop to get a few groceries. ‘Daddy can I have a juice?’. I explained that she made the choice to not have juice, but instead have the puppet. “ok Daddy’ she said, bottom lip quivering, tears starting to roll down her cheek. I bought her the juice. I dont know if she doesn’t understand choices, or if she knows exactly how to wrap her father around her finger.

Daddy/Daughter outing – We went to see Disneys Frozen on Ice.  Frozen is Emma’s favourite movie and she is always singing the songs.



Brunch in a cafe – who says you can’t have a smartie cookie for brunch

Emma often asks to help with jobs.  I got her rinsing bottles for recycling.

Last month we all went to a church wedding.  Emma thought the bride was a princess 🙂

She loves her new kitchen from Ikea.

Emma tired 🙂

Emma go have a nap.  “No I’m not tired”.  Proceeds to lay down on the loungeroom floor.

Daddy/Daughter outing