A month in review – May 2017

What have we been doing…
Easter; I took Emma to the local Bunnings Hardware easter night. We ate hotdogs and painted rabbits.
Parks; we go to the parks every chance we can.
Ballet class; after a break during school holidays class has started again and Emma is still loving it.
Emma has been helping out at home. She feeds the cats their dinner. She also cleans up her toys in the lounge room (sometimes) after Mum has asked her only 4-5 times.
We started renovating our bathroom last month; and the floor had to be replaced as it was rotten in parts. Emma was very surprised to come home and see no floor in the room. Very surprised.
Last Saturday night we went to the zoo for a light festival. Lots of light sculptures. We all loved it.

Rug made by grandma

Emma’s first selfie!

Upset because daddy gave her cereal.  In my defense; she asked for cereal.