Damn leak

Two days ago I was woken by the sound of water dripping. It was raining hard outside. It was 4am and the noise was annoying me so I got up to close my window. That’s when I discovered the dripping sound was in our bedroom. We had a leaking roof. I got a ladder and went into the roof and saw where water was coming in. I went out into the rain, got on the roof, and found what I though was a crack where the water was coming in.
Not much I could do about it at 4am, in the dark, in the rain. I put a material rag to try and deflect some of the flow of water which seemed to help a bit. It was still raining for the entire next day. But I got on the roof and using blue-tack and some sandbags (plastic bags filled with sand from my daughters sand pit) I managed to stop the water. This morning the rain finally stopped. I’ve used sealant on what I hope is where the water is coming in. Fingers crossed the problem is now fixed.