Sydney Taronga Zoo

In hindsight it was a poor decision to go to the zoo today. On a Saturday. During school holidays. But go we did.

When we arrived there was a line of cars on the street just waiting to get into the car park. Not a good sign. We got into the car park and found a spot. There were only about 6 spots left in the entire carpark so very lucky. Then we had to line up to buy tickets. Then once we purchased tickets, we had to line up to use the tickets to enter the zoo. By this point we’re sick of lines and about over the zoo.

We go into the zoo and there is a lemur exhibit. You can go into the exhibit so you are close to the animals. Of course there is a line. We wait 10 minutes then our daughter decides she is bored, as we all are, and starts screaming. We leave the line and say goodbye to the lemurs.

The zoo has really gone downhill over the years. The exhibits are poor. There were less animals no display. And sometimes only one animal in an exhibit. A large section of the zoo appears to have been given up to another company/activity for rope activities for kids. And the prices were damn expensive. We spent about $200 for half a day there.

I do like the giraffes though.

sydney zoo

We definitely won’t be returning until our daughter is a few years older. At the moment she found the animals on the posters just as entertaining as the animals.