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This week we had a 3kW solar system installed at our home. One reason for the getting solar panels is to reduce our power costs. Obviously the solar panels can only be of real benefit when running appliances during the day. At night we have to draw power from the grid. Years ago the government offered much higher feed in tarrifs. Something like $0.60 per kWh. But that offer is no longer available. So we’ll probably get a measly $0.06 for the same amount of power we generate.

What that means is we are unlikely to get ‘no electricial bill’. But we should get a reduced bill. We wont know the real savings until the next two bills (one partial, one fully on solar). My early estimates was that we will have saved enough to cover the cost of purchasing the system in about 2.5 years.

We purchased the following:
12 ReneSola Virtus II 250 Watt solar panels
1 Sungrow SG 3KTL-M (3kW) inverter

Which cost $3785.00.

Some things to consider when getting solar panels. Don’t go too high capacity when choosing your system. Because the sell price for power is so low it will take ages to recover the install costs. Also make sure you get solar panels that will produce electricity (at a reduced amount) if the panels are partially covered in shade. Not all panels do this, some just stop producing ANY electricity if any of the panels are shaded. And its not just the ‘expensive ones’ that offer this.

The Sungrow inverter has a really neat feature. It has built in wifi. You configure it to connect to your home internet and then it sends its data to a remove website. You can then log onto that website, from anywhere, and view the output of the system. You can see the output for today, or compare days/months/years.

Sungrow graph

The other reason for getting solar power is that when civilization falls due to zombie attacks we’ll still be able to produce our own power.

Solar PanelsSolar inverter

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  1. There are now batteries available that can hold some of the power that is produced during the day so that you can use it at night.

  2. Battery storage still isn’t cost effective when grid power is available. But there are some new technology batteries that are coming on the market (overseas) which should start to change all that.

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